one versatile machine  

for all shallow water applications

Watermaster amphibious multipurpose machine excels alone in the tasks that are conventionally handled with multiple separate machines. With its versatile selection of quickly changeable attachments, the Watermaster can do all shallow water work from dry ground up to the depth of six meters.

There are two Watermaster models available:

Different uses for Watermaster, multipurpose dredger



Superior mobility

Three Watermaster dredgers working in a canal



1. Transport the dredger on a standard trailer

Dredger being transported on a trailer

Watermaster is transported as a complete unit, so there are no set-up times when arriving at the site.


2. Launch the dredger without set-up times, cranes and tugboats

Watermaster walking in a river

Watermaster is amphibious and can walk independently in and out of water without crane assistance.


3. Operate the dredger without winches, wire cables and assisting vessels

Two Watermaster dredgers travelling on water

Watermaster has its own propulsion system so it can get to the site independently without the help of tugboats.


Watermaster dredging a river

Watermaster has four stabilizers enabling steady and accurate anchoring and operation.


Amphibious Multipurpose Watermaster

Watermaster technical drawing


Caterpillar C7.1, turbo charged, 6-cylinder diesel engine
• air-water radiator cooled
• flywheel power at 2100 rpm 168 kW (Classic IV), 205 kW (Classic V)   
• fuel tank capacity 1200 l
• electric system 24 V
• batteries 2 x 170 Ah
• electric refueling pump


one axial piston pump for dredging 
and propeller
• operating pressure max. 345 bar
one axial piston pump for digging 
and stabilizers
• operating pressure max. 230 bar


• swinging angle 180°
• break-out force from bucket cylinder 83 kN
• digging force from arm cylinder 47 kN
• lifting capacity at max. reach 24,5 kN
• quickly changeable attachments


• one piece hull divided into 7 watertight 
• corrosion resistant painting outside and inside
• protective skid bars on bottom
• mast, signal lights for dredging and navigation


• modern FOPS certified cabin with excellent visibility
• additional seat for instructor
• 10 work lights


• independent anchoring and work movement 
without assisting vessels, winches or wire-cables
• two front stabilizers, max depth 5,0 m
• two rear tilting stabilizers, max depth 6,7 m


• self-loading and self-unloading to/from a trailer 
• moves independently in and out of water 
• self-propelled
• amphibious in all work modes

certified quality

• quality certificate ISO 9001
• environmental certificate ISO 14001
• safety certificate ISO 3449
certificates issued by authorized certification authority

transport dimensions and weight

transport length without boom 11,00 m
transport length with boom 17,00 m
transport width 3,30 m
transport height 3,15 m
transport weight ca 19,50 t