one machine – all applications

Watermaster single-handedly completes projects that are conventionally handled with multiple separate machines.

Watermaster is the ideal machine for civil engineering, construction and dredging companies as well as municipalities and governments who have projects in shallow waters. Watermaster's multipurpose functions and unique mobility minimize the needed machinery at the site and thus minimize the strain on the environment while keeping fuel consumption and other operational costs low.

The amphibious multipurpose Watermaster concept is a smart choice for all environmental shallow water projects. Watermasters are currently solving these challenges with hundreds of units in over 65 countries worldwide. Its smart operating principle enables very accurate and efficient environmental dredging – the right amount from the right place.


Two watermasters dredging


The current declining condition of inland waters worldwide can be changed.

Watermaster can deepen, build and clean out inland waters and shores. With this multipurpose technology the smart approach for various problems can be chosen, so that the work is done cost effectively and properly.

Large-scale shallow water dredging requires large-scale dredging capacity. Traditional big dredgers with limited mobility are poorly suited for inland waters. With a fleet of amphibious multipurpose Watermasters you are equipped to handle all kinds of environments and projects of all sizes.


Watermaster with a rake

prevent floods and clean the environment

Watermaster Classic can move and work in extreme conditions.

Because of this Watermaster is ideal for preventing e.g. floods and damage caused by flooding. This multipurpose dredger can operate where no other machine can.

  • Flood prevention
  • Cleaning of urban canals
  • Vegetation and trash removal
  • Removal of polluted sediments

Piling with Watermaster dredger

utilize in construction projects

The harder the conditions are, the greater the Watermaster's advantages are.

Civil engineering jobs in water are typical for Watermaster Classic. Watermaster is ideal when e.g. embedding cables and pipes in the bottom and it can also do other kinds of maintenance work effectively. The machine moves to the site with its own propulsion system and remote controlled spuds give proper anchorage for steady and efficient piling, excavating work as well as for cable mounting.


Dredger cleaning an industrial pond

maintain and clean industrial ponds

Maintenance is easily done by utilizing Watermaster's suction dredging capabilities and independent moving capabilities.

Watermaster is easy to transport to the site on a trailer and from there the dredger simply walks into the pool by itself. In the pool Watermaster moves with its own propulsion system and can also move to another pool by using its excavator assembly and spuds. It can pump the mass into another pool up to 1,5 kilometres away. By backhoe work it can build and repair the pool banks.

Watermaster can also recover valuable materials from tailings ponds and drainage ponds.