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Aquamec develops, manufactures and markets the Watermaster multipurpose machines.

Aquamec is part of Lännen MCE group of companies. Besides Watermaster the group is known for the brand names Lännen and Lundberg.

All these machines are made for demanding applications in environmental restoration, construction and maintenance fields.

Watermaster with a cutter pump

Watermaster factory

a serial product - made in finland

Watermaster is a fully tested and documented serial product.

Watermasters are made in Finland and are manufactured using the highest standard components, labour and production facilities. The factory is equipped with modern CNC machine tooling and welding robots.

Serial production ensures consistent high quality, quick delivery times, full documentation and easy service.

Watermaster sites worldwide

operating worldwide

 Over 300 references in over 70 countries.

Watermaster is the number one solution in the world for environmental shallow water dredging.

Contact us to learn more about Watermaster operations globally and to discuss Watermaster's suitability for your projects.

Watermaster factory

quality assured

Watermasters are inspected and certified.

For quality assurance each Watermaster is inspected and approved by an independent Maritime Authority.

Watermaster’s reliability is demonstrated through documents like: quality certificate ISO 9001, environmental certificate ISO 14001, safety certificate ISO 3449 and stability and trim calculations.

Spare parts storage

after-sales support

Service and spare parts always available.

Watermaster’s design principle is to use internationally known quality components. These components are easily available around the world.

There are several local Watermaster spare parts and service points internationally.

A centralized spare parts stock is located at the factory in Finland supporting the end clients and service points worldwide.


Contact service and spare parts: /+358 10 402 6400 

Watermaster training team

Training included

Comprehensive local training ensures successful long-term operation.

Every delivery includes a field training at the customer’s work site by an authorized Watermaster trainer.

During training the local operators learn to operate and maintain the Watermaster dredger in a correct, efficient and safe way. The trainees do not need to have previous dredging experience.

Dredger working at night

customer feedback and field experience

Is what drives our continuous development and innovation work.

Systematic gathering of feedback from the clients and 30 years of continuous development on the concept has forged Watermaster into the reliable work machine that it is today.

The present day Watermaster model is the fourth generation technology.

During the past decades Aquamec has also introduced a wide range of high quality work attachments for underwater works.

We keep Innovating new solutions for shallow water work and systematically improving our technology and services to bring you the best concept now and in the years to come.  


We are committed to environmental protection and the principles of sustainable development

Our goal is to develop the Watermaster concept as well as our own operations systematically, so that

  • We constantly improve Watermaster's capabilities to work effectively in shallow water environmental dredging projects
  • We minimize the environmental load arising from the use of Watermaster
  • We take ecological sustainability into account in our own activities
  • We meet all statutory requirements and official regulations, wherever we operate
  • We are committed to continuous improvement of our Environmental Management