Master shallow waters with the Watermaster

Go anywhere

Amphibious Watermaster dredger on its way to desilt a dam

Easily access and operate in challenging shallow water sites where others can’t.

Do everything

Watermaster Multipurpose Amphibious dredger for dredging, excavating, raking, and pile driving

Handle all works in 0 to 6 meters depth range eco-efficiently with just one machine.

Work with confidence

Watermaster dredging accumulated silt from Jakarta's water bodies to improve water flow and prevent flooding in Indonesia.

Enjoy the continuous high performance and strong after sales support of the Original Watermaster – Made in Finland.

One Machine – All Applications

Watermaster dredger flood prevention
Prevent Floods & Clean The Environment

Floods and water pollution are serious issues. The Watermaster can help.

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Watermaster dredger marina dredging
Maintain waterways & marinas

Safe navigation is crucial in waterways and marinas.

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watermaster dredger water hyacinth
Clear excessive aquatic vegetation

Overgrowth of aquatic vegetation can disrupt ecosystems and navigation.

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watermaster dredger pile driving
Develop & maintain water infrastructure

The Watermaster can do many tasks like building and fixing shorelines.

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watermaster dredger industrial dredging
Secure & boost industrial operations

The Watermaster excels in managing industrial waste and process water ponds.

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